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We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at Mrico valve. The following items are the relative products of the Mrico valve, you can quickly find the Mrico valve through the list.

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  • Directional Solenoid Valves Xy-5120 XY5120/XY5220

    Small size,save space and can be integrated installation Fast speed,short response time Low power(1W),less heat,programmable controlled and direct act

  • 15 mm micro solenoid valve XY-15

    15mm micro solenoid valve, low power consumption,easy instlation,small occupied space,body material :PA66, seal:NBR,orifice:1.4mm,voltage:DC12 or DC24

  • 15mm mainfold micro valve product new XY-15-7T

    The way to control multiple air intake,the number of combinations of 2-8 group ,let the user selected.small size and light weight ,easy installation

  • 10mm mainfold Micro Solenoid Valve XY-10-10M

    Micro solenoid valve,lower power consumption,use as single valve or valve group,no need lubrication.,small size and light weight,easy installation

  • 10mm Micro Solenoid valve XY-10A

    10mm micro valve use as single valve or valve group,lower consumption,directed controlled by PC,small weight,easy installation,small space

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