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We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at drain valves. The following items are the relative products of the drain valves, you can quickly find the drain valves through the list.

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  • CS Series Automatic drain valves CS-720

    Automatic Drain valve, 2/2 direct action,1/8" or 1/4"or 3/8" or 1/2" brass or stainless steel body, IP65 ,Viton seal,open 0.5~10s ,close:0.5-4.5min

  • Automatic Drain Valve with filter CS-728

    solenoid drain valve,Conforming to CE standard,Full automatic without the need of maintenance.Orifice: 3.5mm,Valve body: brass,Working pressure 16Bar

  • Digital Automatic Drain Valve CS-3800

    Drain valve with digital timer ,union type, Orifice: 1.9mm or 2.5mm or 4.5mm,Valve body: brass or stainless steel ,working pressure:16Bar ,40Bar ,80ba

  • CS Series Automatic Drain Valve CS-711

    2/2 Solenoid valve with timer direct acting ,valve body :brass ,Seal:Viton,voltage: 24~220VAC/DC,working pressure:0-16BAR,low cost for ecnomical choci

  • Diaphragm Valve SB167

    10mm Diaphragm Valve with Working Pressure of 0 to 16 Bar, Available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Inches Size

  • Float type drain valve RD50016-15G

    Automatic drain valve, stainless steel ball, -20 to 80c, 0-16bar, use for air compressor. working type :leverage and buoyancy type ,media: water

  • Drain type solenoid valve PS

    Working pressure: 0~16BAR ,Ambient Temperature: -20~60C,Working medium: Water ,Highest Medium Temperature: 90C,Working medium: Water , port Size:1/4"

  • drain Valve for air compressor CS-740

    solenoid drain valve, be used for air compressor,Valve style 2/2 way direct acting solenoid valve,Connection port 1/4",Working pressure 17.5bar

  • Timer Control Solenoid Valve CS-720

    Timer Control Solenoid Valve, drain valve, Full Automatic without Need of Maintenance, Connection port: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". CE and UL certificated.

  • cs-720w high pressure drain valve CS-720W /CS720WK

    direct acting,big orifice,to avoid blocked
    conforming to CE standard
    different voltage are available for selection

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